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Stories of Fire:

online exhibition series

As part of our Pacific Northwest Stories of Fire Atlas Project, we're working with the University of Idaho's Prichard Art Gallery, to showcase works by visual artists and designers in the online exhibition series, Stories of Fire.

These exhibitions will highlight the manifold ways artists and designers are marking, mapping, engaging and articulating personal and community experiences of wildfire in the region.


Organized into three parts, Ground Truths, (Spring 2023) Fuel Loading (Fall 2023) and Sightlines (Winter 2023-24), each exhibition is loosely framed by a particular disciplinary lens— cartography, fire management and urban planning—and the range of ways artists express and explore parallel concerns.

on view now

calls for artists & designers


part II: Fuel Loading (deadline August 15th)

Fuel Loading will showcase creative works that reckon with the accumulations of fuels–both material and social– in the Pacific Northwest and surrounding regions. We seek creative works that engage a broad conception of landscape fire and its contributing fuel loads.  Learn more and apply.

part III: Sightlines (call opening fall 2023)

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