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Anne Acker-Mathieu

Seattle, WA

Anne Acker-Mathieu has a background in Fiber Art, Graphics, and Painting. Her work is an assimilation of her experience and involves a mixed media approach that utilizes a blend of painting and collage. The employment of mixed media has yielded a body of work that is explosively colorful, movement-oriented, and emotionally thoughtful. As a woman, and a mother of daughters, Anne’s work focuses on justice issues that deeply concern her: women’s rights and social inequality feature prominently in her art. Anne holds a BFA from the Burnley School of Graphic Design at the University of Washington and currently lives with her family in Seattle.

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featured artwork
Ignition Casino Acker-Mathieu

"Ignition Casino," acrylic collage, 17in x 20in, 2023


"Fields of Fuel," acrylic collage, 45in x 42in, 2022

responding to Fuel Loading

As a Seattle native, I have witnessed the Pacific Northwest grow from a sleepy, rainy area to a large metropolitan region with a bustling economy and exploding population that is encroaching the wilderness areas. Growth has brought all the accompanying problems of pollution, overcrowding, loss of habitat, and strains on the natural ecosystems. As a child, I remember having frogs and garter snakes in the woods, because the swamps were not drained, and housing developments were not (yet) in their domain. Today, my children’s summers are void of frogs and snakes, and include checking the wildfire smoke forecast to see if they can safely go for a bike ride.


My work is a response to these realities and concerns, to the growing issues of climate change and to the apprehension with which I watch the rises in temperature, drought, and wildfires across the globe. It is becoming difficult to look away. I witness the fear of changing our habits, consumption, and economy–but we are all dependent species who rely on our planet for existence.

more from Anne's perspective

Anne’s studio: The space where the work is made, and the ideas are examined.

City Hell strip at summer’s end:  This is the picture of resiliency.  This inner-city strip endures drought, excessive heat, dog walkers, and discarded human litter.  And yet it survives.  It is inspiration every day.

The space underneath the grape arbor is my favorite place to think.  The junk store assemblage of tin fish and human hands is representative of the endangered PNW salmon, and the hands of humanity that can hopefully work towards the betterment of our world.

City Woodland Garden: Living in a highly urban environment, much work has been done to have the garden echo the PNW native forests.  The garden is filled with PNW Firs, Cedars, and Hemlocks that will outlive us and hopefully survive future Seattle’s urban sprawl.

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