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Fire Lines

a Stories of Fire Project

Isabel Marlens w/ Evan Williamson

Fall 2022 to Spring 2023

supported by the Confluence Lab and the University of Idaho English Department at the University of Idaho

Confluence Lab intern and MFA candidate Isabel Marlens worked with University of Idaho librarian Evan Williamson to create Fire Lines: Exploring the Legacy of 1910's Great Fire in the Northwest. This digital humanities creative nonfiction essay combines holdings from UofI's archives with Marlens's original writing on the history of fire management and our evolving cultural understandings of wildfire. The essay, part of the Confluence Lab's Stories of Fire atlas projects, launched in April 2023 and will be part of the permanent collection at UofI's Center for Digital Inquiry and Learning


Fire Lines was supported and informed by the Lab's partnership with the University of Oregon's Just Futures Institute, which is funded by the Mellon Foundation. Using JFI research principles and support from Confluence Lab and English faculty, Marlens focused on Idaho's unique history and rural and Indigenous communities. Combining creative nonfiction and historical visual and archival materials, Fire Lines is just one example of the Confluence Lab's ongoing, multidisciplinary efforts to document our region's Stories of Fire.

This project is part of the Lab's Stories of Fire Atlas Project.

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