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Julie Mortimer

Bellingham, WA

Julie Mortimer lives in Bellingham, Washington. With an ever-increasing passion to learn and grow, she has been exploring non-traditional watercolor techniques (such as avoiding dry cakes of color)  for several years, and is amazed at what the medium can do. Julie spends hours exploring local wooded areas on a daily basis. This is where she feels most at home.

featured artwork
Julie Mortimer

"Crow Memories" watercolor, 12in x 16in

responding to Ground Truths

The air was thick with smoke though the fires were not visible to us. Every night I thought about the myriad animals, escaping if they could. Our area went from having pure cedar fragrances, fog misted air to having the worst air quality in the world. I wondered how the birds could even breathe to escape.

more from Julie's perspective

Julie out exploring the Pacific Northwest. 

Julie Mortimer at work in her studio.

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